Monday, 23 August 2010

Lady Gaga has more friends than you do...

...well, I would assume that in the real world she is pretty damn lonely but according to Famecount,she now tops the lists for the most followers on Twitter with a staggering 5,720,931 and also the most Facebook fans of any living person with 16,372,106.

Those are some pretty incredible numbers and the Facebook Fan Page in particular will provide some pretty incredible insights into all of her fans. Being able to potentially contact 16 million fans with a simple status update could go viral in an instant!

Photo source: Wikipedia

This blog will finally have some direction!

Obviously this blog has lacked any posts for a long time. I lacked direction and didn't want to simply repost random social media news articles like every other blog out there. I wasn't really sure what I could write about and what I could really give an opinion on. Then i started thinking about all the things I like and how I could combine them to create some kind of meaningful blog. I then had that eureka moment when taking photo's at the Hevy Music festival in Kent a few weeks ago. Why not focus on bands in social media? I love music, I love gigs and I am fascinated by the way that bands become popular so why not look at all things music in the world of social media?