Saturday, 5 December 2009

Apple Magic Mouse Review

I got the new Apple Magic Mouse a few weeks ago and i have to say that it is beautiful. The first sight of it in the box it comes in simply leaves you in awe. Once out of the box the awe continues and you question why such a magnificent looking mouse hasn't been made before.

It was very simple to get working; you simply turn on bluetooth on your computer, flick the switch on the back of the mouse and you are ready to go. Already used to multi-touch with my macbook, i was very interested to see how this carried over to a regular mouse.

The Magic Mouse works on every surface although i felt a little bit of resistance on the table i was using at work. Clicking is very satisfying and it's nice being able to left and right click without having 2 different buttons. Scrolling also works very nicely and reacts very quickly. Two finger swiping is nice when going through photos but i rarely use it in my browser. The 360degree scrolling is also useful, especially on my Macbook when my browsers windows are not often maximised.

My only issue with the Magic Mouse was that having been used to the multi-touch trackpad on my Macbook, I am very used to the 4 finger swipes for Expose and show desktop. These are my 2 most used multi-touch functions and are particularly useful on a laptop with a small screen.

This issue was solved however when browsing through Twitter posts and stumbling upon a Tweet about BetterTouchTool. This application makes the Magic Mouse completely customisable. This includes a 1 finger tapping, 2 finger tapping, 2 finger swiping, 3 finger swiping etc. This opens up the possibilities of the the mouse massively and becomes a very efficient tool. You can set any gesture to do pretty much anything, for example copy and pasting.

I first set up the mouse to start Expose with a 3 finger swipe down and a 3 finger swipe up to show the desktop (like the 4 finger functions on the Macbook trackpad) but after a few days decided to change these to 2 finger swipes because 3 fingers swipes didn't feel as natural or easy.

Whilst the Magic Mouse is quite expensive, if you want a fully customisable mouse that looks beautiful and is a dream to use then you will have no problems paying over the odds (as you do with all Apple products but most enthusiasts feel the extra cash is worth it).

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